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6051 Davis Blvd PO Box 821016
North Richland Hills, TX, 76182
United States

About Howe Creative

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Founded by Ben Howe in 2010, Howe Creative is a Texas-based media consulting firm specializing in public policy initiatives, campaign ads, corporate tutorials, and motion graphic design. We have crafted ads that hinted at presidential campaigns, turned complicated legislative initiatives into easily understandable videos, and created tutorials for multi-national corporations that informed employees about new software and business practices. Howe Creative contributes content to a variety of clients and organizations as well as to our own projects, including web documentaries and videos debunking propaganda.

Politics flows downstream from culture. Influencing the culture is how you influence the political arena. Through our video work, Howe Creative is at the forefront of educating a mainstream culture that is increasingly hostile to Constitutional principles. We believe it is important to present Constitutional principles in a creative and compelling way. At Howe Creative, we pride ourselves in designing original, engaging, and informative videos.

At the helm of Howe Creative is Ben Howe. At his disposal are Art Director Michael Deppisch, and Managing Director Sarah Smith. Ben Howe is a contributing editor at, Operates Digitas Daily -  a video newsletter that provides embeddable content to bloggers and reporters, and he is also the head writer of Dana on The Blaze TV.  As head writer for Dana, Ben Howe is in the unique position of being able to promote client work to The Blaze audience. Howe Creative has a reach that spans from the DC bubble to grassroots movements.

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8528 Davis Blvd., Suite 134-223, North Richland Hills, TX 76182 | (972) 591-8819