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About Ben Howe

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Ben Howe is a writer and filmmaker who gained attention late in 2010 for a series of politically charged videos that went viral and helped him launch his production company Mister Smith Media, which was later renamed Howe Creative.

His videos have been seen by millions of viewers both online and on television. Ben’s unique style of storytelling not only created some of the most compelling political videos in the industry, but guided his directorial debut with the film “Bankrupt: How Cronyism and Corruption Brought Down Detroit,” released in 2014.

In 2016, Ben and his team released the controversial crowd-funded documentary, The Sociopath. The film documented the rise of Donald Trump as a political force and it received national attention and accolades from influencers across the political and entertainment spectrum.

In addition to filmmaking, Ben is a prolific writer, speaker, and pundit. He is a Contributing Editor at, and has written guest columns at websites such as Buzzfeed and The Daily Signal.  He has appeared as a commentator on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, The Blaze TV as well as a number of online and radio outlets while engaging a large audience daily through his immensely popular twitter feed and via his weekly podcast.

Ben lives in South Carolina with his 4 children.